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Commercial Demos



Hardware Store Commercial
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Restaurant Commercial
00:00 / 00:14
Cleaning Product Commercial
00:00 / 00:08
Truck Commercial
00:00 / 00:08
Candy Bar Commercial
00:00 / 00:09
Non-Profit Commercial
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Narrative & Instructional Demos



Freddie Mercury Narrative
00:00 / 00:23
Woodturning Instructional
00:00 / 00:19
Railroads and Industrial Revolution Narrative
00:00 / 00:24
Wolves Narrative
00:00 / 00:25
About Me


Thanks for checking out my website!


I've worked in the Emergency Medical Services industry since the very early 1990s, as a paramedic and a paramedic/EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) instructor. Although I've earned a living with my voice for the last 27 years, teaching in the classroom and speaking to large groups of people, I'm relatively new to the voice over industry. However, over the years I've had various people tell me that I should pursue a job or career in the "voice business" due to having what has been referred to as a "airline captain" voice, which I've often taken as a major compliment. In late-2018 I decided to act upon the voice compliments and I went through the Such A Voice voice over training program. Awesome experience!


In addition to voice over work, I also enjoy woodturning, archery, competitive rifle target shooting, aviation, WWII history, old-era trains and locomotives, and farming/agriculture.

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